The Convergence Book 1 and 2 are now available through Madefire, ComiXology and Blurb.  


Book 1:  The Soul Catcher

In this mythical dystopia, one last city left on earth houses the remains of humanity.   However, the city’s survival rests upon a system that uses Human Souls as the world’s last energy source.  When a Soul Catcher, whose main job is to acquire the selected souls, learns of an ancient prophecy; a new possibility opens up to him.  And one that may lead him to his destined path.

A percentage of the proceeds of Book 1 will go towards animals and rainforest affected by the palm oil trade.

To get more information, please visit:  Palm Oil and Orangutans. 


Book 2:  Sara

In a world that utilizes human souls as energy, a Soul Catcher’s memories are reinstated. The Soul Catcher then travels to a place between life and death to bring back the soul of a woman that he once loved.   The mysterious woman not only carries the keys to the Soul Catcher’s mission but also of earth’s destiny as well.



A percentage of the proceeds of Book 2 will go towards organizations protecting the waters and marine life.  

For more information, please visit:  Whales and Water